The Butterfly Picnic Party Adventure
This party is simply perfect for girls who love butterflies. It
includes a fancy butterfly picnic for up to 12 guests. Finger
sandwiches and lemonade will be provided and displayed on special
pink butterfly plates and cups. We will also bring a special butterfly
chair for the birthday girl to sit on. During the picnic, the hostess
will read 2 books about butterflies. After the picnic is over, we will
play hopscotch, blow bubbles, make butterfly bracelets and go on a
butterfly/bug hunt. The birthday girl will lead the way with a pair of
special butterfly binoculars, a special butterfly net and a
butterfly/bug house to store anything that her and her friends find
along the way. The birthday girl gets to keep the bubbles, butterfly
house and cute plastic bugs. All other items are to be returned to
the hostess. She will also receive a butterfly ring to take home and
each guest will receive a small gift as well. This party lasts 2 hours
and is $200 (If you would rather supply your own food and drink for
the picnic, then it would be $180.) The ideal setting for this party
would be at a park or in a backyard.

Please note: You will need to provide tables and chairs for the picnic.