The Character Party includes ...
- participation in party or event activities such as opening presents,
singing happy birthday, cake time, and party games

- a Character dance and sing-along with music supplied by us

- The guest of honor will receive a small gift
- a 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minute appearance by the Character of your
choice at your event or party location.
Reserve a Character
The Characters to
choose from are ...
Mr. Fun Friend
- photo opportunities with the Character
Snow Princess
The Explorer Girl
Ms. Fairy Friend
Mr. Mouse
Mr. Fuzzy Bunny
Miss Pretty Kitty
Ms. Mouse
The Blue Dog
Sponge Boy
Hyper Hedgehog
We require a deposit in order to hold the Character for your party or
event date. The deposit is required within 48 hours after you receive an
email from us stating that your Character of choice is available for your
party or event. We will email you a Paypal invoice specifying the amount

due. If the deposit is not received within 48 hours, then your Character
will become available again for others to book.

*Please note: If you have to cancel at any time, your deposit will not be
refunded to you. However, you can reschedule as long as the Character
is available for your new date and time.*

The remaining balance will be due in cash when the entertainer(s)
arrives at your party or event location. Please try to have the exact cash
amount in hand because entertainers do not carry change with them.
You also have the option of paying the total amount in advance so you
don't have to worry about paying the entertainer on the day of your
party or event.

*Please note: We cannot send an entertainer(s) to your party or event
location until the deposit has been received.*

We recommend that you book at least two weeks in advance because
these Characters do tend to book quickly.
Mr. Blue Friend
Brown Detective Dog
Green Tinker Fairy
Curious Monkey